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At a young age I was fostered by people around me to not just draw and paint like those around me, but to be inspired by the world. I have had mentors that have pushed me to be better than myself. I continue to this day to be better that what I was yesterday. Taking on new challenges and projects to see how far I can push myself as an artist. These challenges do not scare me, they excite me. I draw inspiration from my childhood, growing up in the 80's. Whether it is cartoons, horror movies, or things that just made me happy. I try to share these things with others through what I draw, paint, and make. There is a connection with the things I choose to make on my own. Custom Awesomeness comes into play when I make something for you. I want to make something special and specific for you. It may be in my style or flare, but it will be all yours. Customly Awesomely Yours!

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